Friday, August 31, 2012

Lace Strappy Bra and G-String

For today's review, I'll be looking at the Lace Strappy Bra and G-String Set by Legs Avenue. As a head's up now, there will be images of me wearing said lingerie. So if nipples scare you, now would be a good time to exit. This is going to be an image heavy review- woo-hoo! {All images can be clicked for the full version, sorry about the low quality.}
Envelop lingerie was shipped in:
Front and Back of Packaging:
Plastic Bag Inside:
Lace G-String:
Lace Bra:
Center can be lengthened/shortened:
Tag on Bra {easy to cut off without ruining bra}:
Four Views {click to expand}:
Best View:
Close Up on Top:

Between these two pieces, I preferred the top. All in all I found this nylon set a shade too tight, and cut into my skin a little too deep for my liking. On the side view pictures, you can see how much it is cutting into my behind. So definitely not a set to wear for extended amounts of time! As a sexy little get-up to come off quickly though? It works excellently. The g-string gets in the way of any comfortable penetration, but is perfect to wear while being spanked! There isn't much material, yet it's rather flattering.

I wear a 36C bra, and found the top portion fit snugly. The size chart claims this set will fit: Bust 32-38, Waist 23-29, Hips 34-40, Dress Size 6-12, and Cup Size A-C. I think this would fit people almost any breast size, and a dress/skirt size twelve or under. Overall, I think this set would be flattering to most bodies who fit the size requirements.

This set is rather delicate and should be washed by hand. I liked the design of the g-string quite a bit, unfortunately it just bit into my butt too much!

Grade Breakdown: 76
Value: 2/5
Edenfantasys for $18
If this was in the $10 or less price-range, I would buy it as a fun foreplay outfit.

  Wear-ability: 8/20
Sunk into body a little too much.
Very uncomfortable after a half hour.

Aesthetics: 66/75
Intended Look: 5/5
Very similar to product image!
Reusability: 11/20
Hand-washable. Delicate, feels like may rip.
Can be squished into a tiny ball for travel.
Best Look: 50/50
This is a hot little number. Looks-wise, I have no complaints.
I found the dangly bands attached to the g-string rather coy.
It made me feel sexy.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Today I'll be looking at Fun Factory's Share, a lovely double ended dildo.

This is hands down my favorite toy that I currently own. This toy is wonderful for jacking off, gender play, and partner play. The Share comes in purple, pink, and black. Share is nine inches long, one end has a little over six inches of insertable length, and the other end is a little over four inches. Both ends are fairly thick, with circumferences of five and a half inches and five and three-quarter inches. Share is made of Fun Factory's pure silicone, so it's firm but still has lots of squishy-ness and flexibility. This also means Share is a lint magnet though, and needs plenty of water-based lube.

Share is a fairly versatile toy, and I'll begin with the ways Share can be used by one body. Anyone can use either end of Share anally. Though Share doesn't have a flange, the way it's shaped ensures the toy will not become lost in your butt and require a trip to the emergency room. I found the cock-shaped side to be better for anal penetration, and fairly comfortable as the pure silicone is velvety. The shaft feels like a fairly average filling, though not stretching, dildo. For vaginal owners, they can use the realistic side alone as a dildo with a handle. I did not find that there was enough curvature on the shaft for g-spot stimulation, though there is a pleasurable ridge on the glans of the dildo. Another use, and this one is what I think makes Share truly awesome, is vaginal owners can insert the bulb end and jack off. There are of course other double ended toys that one can do this with, however Share does it way better. First of all, the bulb pressed right up against my g-spot and was very comfortable in my vagina. The toy did not slip at all, though as a disclaimer, I do kegel exercises fairly regularly, and that probably helped. The base of the realistic dildo pressed against my clitoris in a very pleasing way. Jacking off with this toy was thus extremely pleasurable, and stimulated both my clitoris and g-spot. This makes the toy extra-desirable to any vaginal owner who wants to play with their own cock while getting off, or anyone interested in gender play.

Share can also be used for two people with whatever combination of orifices and/or hands. Since the bulb is shaped so well, I found it mostly stayed put during thrusting. I do a fair amount of kegels, and had no problems with the bulb slipping for standing or thrusting into a well-lubricated orifice. When met with high resistance, or a non-lubricated orifice, the bulb began to slip, though it didn't fall out. If this is a worry, one could use an O-ring harness, or their fingers, as a safety net. As Share is made from firm, yet pliable, silicone the shaft of the dildo stood up firm when the bulb was inserted, and there was no droopiness.

Share's silicone texture has quite a bit of drag. One can either use a ton of water-based lube with the toy, or cover the end[s] you're using with a condom[s], and need far less lube. Share has two veins on the underside of the penis end, which provide lovely sensations and ease insertion.

The Share can be boiled or tossed in the dishwasher after use. If used alone or with condoms, then Share can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water, or a toy cleaner.

Grade Breakdown: 95

Value: 4/5
Edenfantasys for just over $100
Would I buy this toy for $100? After a birthday or holiday that involves family members giving me money- yes. Otherwise, probably not.
Is it worth the $100? Yes.

Aesthetics: 16/20
The Share is pretty enough, but at first glance may be intimidating.
Fun Factory silicone attracts a ton of lint and is hard to keep clean.
{Hint: place it in Saran wrap after cleaning}

Pleasure: 75/75
Intended Functionality: 5/5
Partner Play: Excellent
Reusability: 20/20
This toy is fairly versatile, and can be tossed in the dishwasher between uses.
Best Functionality: 50/50
Jacking off with the Share is by far it's best use.
I would have bought the Share just for solo play.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


For the site’s second review, I’ll be looking at the G-Brush by Duncan Charles Designs.

This is the toy that made me realize exactly where my g-spot is, and how I like it stimulated. To go over the basics first though, this is an insertable ceramic toy. It comes in red or black, I have the lovely red version. It’s a little over seven inches long, and an inch and a half wide. It also comes with a nice suede pouch for storing. The G-Brush is fantastic for texture-oriented people.

The G-Brush can be used anally or vaginally. Though this toy can be carefully used for anal penetration, I wouldn't advise it due to the lack of flared base. Since it’s made of smooth ceramic, you can use any lube, silicone or water-based, with it. The ceramic becomes rather slick with lube; but as long as you don't lube up the toy's handle, there shouldn't be any problems with keeping a grip on the toy. I found the ceramic smooth enough not to require lubrication, and when using lube it only needs a little. The toy is non-porous, though I would still use a condom with it for partner play just to be extra safe. This toy works well for temperature play, I found it to be slightly better at retaining cold temperatures than warm [though this could also be because it's summer and more dramatic, hah]. I found the toy best suited for vaginal penetration as the intense ridges brought me to orgasm very quickly, and tended to make squirting easier because of all the g-spot pressure.

Now, the G-Brush is a very texturally intense toy. The first time I used it, having never used a g-spot centric toy before, I actually found it uncomfortable and didn’t like it at all! I tried it again a few months later, after having played with more g-spot toys, namely Njoy’s Pure Wand, and found it amazing. The ceramic is extremely rigid, and will press firmly against any aroused g-spot. I found the Pure Wand to be better at just arousing the g-spot, whereas the G-Brush aroused a larger area with the g-spot. Because of this, I found the G-Brush easier for multiple orgasms, with pleasure not just pinpointed on the g-spot. To make the G-Brush’s texture super-duper intense, one can do kegels around the toy, putting even more pressure on one’s g-spot. This toy also has a little handle, depending on how much you insert. Once again, if you use this toy for anal play you want to be extra careful, as there’s no base. The handle makes this toy lots of fun with a friend!

From my experience with the toy, I’d only recommend it to people who are used to, and enjoy, having g-spot stimulation or inexperienced people who are ready to get to know their g-spot extremely well.

This toy can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water, or a toy cleaner.

Grade Breakdown: 80

Value: 5/5
Edenfantasys for just under $50
{Would I buy this toy for $50? Yes.}

Aesthetics: 10/20
I generally like the look of Duncan Charles Designs’ toys, but I didn’t find this one as appealing as some of the others.

Pleasure: 65/75
Intended Functionality: 5/5
G-spot Stimulation: Great!
Reusability: 10/20
I found it only did one thing excellently, so unless you always want g-spot stimulation, you might not be pulling this toy out every night.
Easy to clean.
Best Functionality: 50/50
My favorite use of the G-Brush is to cause intense squirting quickly.
It’s pretty awesome at this.

Big Boss

For the site’s first review, I’ll be looking at Fun Factory's Big Boss!

Off the bat, I want to acknowledge that this is a huge vibrator. My inner size queen got super excited when I got this toy. It’s a whopping 9 inches long {7″ insertable}, and its diameter gets to 1.73 inches at widest. Big Boss is fairly intimidating looks-wise, but you can start off lightly while using it as an external vibrator. The thickness and size make for an amazing clitoral vibrator. It’s really fun to use anywhere as tingles tend to linger due to the super strong vibrations. Big Boss is made of medical grade silicone and is fairly bendable, which makes it fabulous at curving around to vibrate the entire vulva. The silicone is very soft, and also has a bit of a drag without lubrication.

Onto insertion! As this is a silicone toy, you’re going to want to use a water-based lube [a silicone lube will ruin the toy], and probably a ton of it. Sliquid has some tasty options, and Pink has a water-based lube. The loop at the end of the toy aids in smooth insertion and removal. Given how bendy the Big Boss is, if you squeeze your Kegel muscles while using it, the toy will curve with your muscles which is awesome. As the Big Boss does not have a flange, I would not recommend it for anal penetration. The Big Boss is also waterproof.

The vibrator controls are located on a loop at the end of the toy, with three different vibrating patterns. Most of these are lovely, though one particular pattern fails to deliver. This pattern starts off slow and amps up the vibration speed at intervals for a little under twenty seconds, and then starts over. I really wanted to like this mode, as in theory it was really awesome and the first time I tried it. However, my issue was the pattern just wasn’t long enough, a minute or so long pattern would have been more satisfying. I would be getting closer to orgasm, and then I’d get distracted by the sudden loss of speed. The loop itself lights up whenever you touch it, which is pure awesomeness- especially when playing in the dark.

Big Boss is the first vibrator I’ve used vaginally until orgasm- and even better, I didn’t need to touch my clitoris as the heavy vibrations already had them tingling. Also because of the awesome size, Big Boss also felt like I had a vibrating anal toy in. The Big Boss isn’t the best for thrusting, because of the drag-yness of the silicone and just how well it fills you up.

The Big Boss is in Fun Factory’s Click’n'Charge set, meaning the charger magnetizes to the Fun Factory logo to charge. I found the charger a shade on the finicky side, but it does light up when it’s charging properly which is nice. The first time you charge the Big Boss it can take up to twelve hours, mine took six. After that though, mine took around an hour to charge for a half-hour or so of constant play.

This toy can be simply cleaned with soap and warm water, or toy cleaner.

Grade Breakdown: 88

Value: 5/5
Amazon for just under $70
{Would I buy this toy for $70? Yes.}

Aesthetics: 14/20
I found the Big Boss is an almost silent vibrator when it’s against nothing or fully enclosed. Once in a blue moon the handle makes a creaky sound.
The silicone it’s made of attracts tons of lint and seems near impossible to get to stay clean.
Big Boss comes in black and neon orange- the orange is awesome.

Pleasure: 69/75
Intended Functionality: 5/5
Internal Vibrator Status: Great!
Reusability: 14/20
Awesome as it is, I would use it to spice up my week, rather than for the whole week.
Easy to clean.
It saves charge for about a half hour of play, I wish it could last longer.
Best Functionality: 50/50
My favorite use of the Big Boss is using it vaginally with high vibrations that also stimulate my clitoris and butt.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Moving from Wordpress

So I didn't realize Wordpress doesn't allow for affiliate links and/or any advertising. So, I'll be moving all the content from there to here. Woo-hoo.

This blog will be, predictably, dedicated to reviewing sex toys. Naturally it does have limitations as I plan on being the only reviewer, and am a cisgendered female. I anticipate one toy review a week. The toys will be graded using the following rubric, and in each post their grade will be fully explained.

Toy Rubric: 100 possible points

5 points: value
20 points: aesthetic appeal {and noise factor for 10 of those points, if applicable}
75 points: pleasure
  • 5 points: intended functionality
  • 20 points: reusability utility {does it get old fast?}
  • 50 points: how was it for its best function?
Letter Grades: 100: A++, 99-97: A+, 96-93: A, 92-90: A-, 89-87: B+, 86-83: B, 82-80: B-, 79-77: C+, 76-73: C, 72-70: C-, 69-67: D+, 66-63: D, 62-60: D-, 59 and below: F