Friday, October 26, 2012

Holiday Scalloped Babydoll and G-String

For today's review I'll be looking at Holiday Scalloped Babydoll and G-String by Coquette. This is going to be an image heavy post, and the images can be clicked for their full size version.

On Hanger:

Four Views:
With/Without Bow:
Thong Indent:
Best View:

I have mixed feelings about this magenta, more red than purple, and black set. The top is lovely, and the mesh is surprisingly comfortable and not itchy. However the top is a pain in the neck to get on. There are four little hooks and eyes, and I could only get the top and bottom ones; whenever I went for a middle one, another one would come undone. The top has underwire and light padding. I appreciate that the bow was attached with a safety pin- I personally prefer the set without the bow. The thong was a little tight and bit into my skin. With my body shape, and falling right between Coquette's medium and large, it would have been better to have the large thong, but stick with the medium top. The thong is rather cute though, with magenta and black designs.

The measurements for the piece are as follows, and keep in mind this is for the medium. The bra straps when extended are 15.5", and shortened they are 8.5". The straps are made of a stretchy but sturdy material. The mesh skirt portion is 12.5" long. The babydoll and thong need to be hand washed and hung to dry as they are rather delicate. This set comes with a lovely soft hanger, so it won't get wrinkled when not in use.

I wish Coquette also offered this as a bra and g-string set, as that would just be a little more usable. Lovely as this set is, it won't see the world outside my bedroom. This set is rather comfortable, and given the option to wear it more often, I would.

Grade Breakdown: 84
Value: 3/5
Edenfantasys for $39
This is a little pricey for me, but for the holidays I would splurge.

  Wear-ability: 13/20
Top was a hassle to get on.
Thong bit into skin too much.

Aesthetics: 68/75
Intended Look: 5/5
Very similar to product image.
Reusability: 17/20
Hand-washable. Delicate, and may rip if used in rough play.
Best Look: 46/50
I loved the way the top fit. The thong, not so much.

Thanks EdenFantasys!

FTC: EdenFantasys provided Sex Toy Review Land with the Holiday Scalloped Babydoll and G-String free of charge for an honest review. Though links have been used, this has not altered any of my opinions stated within the review, and does comply with the FTC.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pick-Your-Own-Porn Giveaway!

So, today is a glorious day. I proudly announce Sex Toy Review Land's very first giveaway!

There will be four winners. The grand prize is 100 prepaid minutes of your choice of wonderful porn over at Hot Movies For Her. Three runner-ups will each receive 30 prepaid minutes of whatever porn they so choose. Each of the winners will also receive some cute HMFH buttons and stickers.

I am so excited. HMFH is not only a swell cheap way to get feminist ethical porn, it's also organized extremely well with an extensive tagging system. They have a ton of clips and films, ranging from age differences to hentai to sorority girls to sybian use and so much more. My favorite stars' films are there, which is lovely. {Two being Stoya and Mika Tan.}And most importantly, they have my favorite porn: Tristan Taormino's Chemistry Vol 1.

This giveaway will run until the 20th of November, so that a few of you lucky people have something to be a little extra thankful for this Thanksgiving. I will email the winners, and they will have 72 hours to respond; after that, prizes will be forfeit.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Hot Movies For Her for providing the grand prize!

Monday, October 15, 2012


Today I will be looking at Leo, also known as Leoweenie by Vixen Creations.

So, I was thinking of waiting until Halloween to run this post, given that the orange Leo is a Halloween dildo. But that would be silly. What if you read this review on November first and no longer felt justified to purchase an orange dildo with bats? That would just be sad, especially given how gorgeous this limited edition dildo is:

Leo is eight inches long, seven of which are insertable. Leo's diameter is a little over an inch and a half. The dildo currently comes in purple, black, and the obviously superior orange with suspended bats. Made of a squishy pure silicone with some drag, a water-based lube is best. The toy is both fairly flexible and firm. There's a wide base for safe anal play, and for an O-ring harness. This dildo can be cleaned with either a toy cleaner, or soap and water.

Leo is a rather realistic dildo, with an emphasized coronal ridge. This ridge I found especially excellent, as upon removal would press against my g-spot. The dildo has a slight curve such that g-spot or p-spot stimulation is possible. Upon insertion, I found my focus on the head the entire time, as the head is slightly larger and more textured. Leo glided well, and was easy to thrust with. Leo is about half a pound, which is rather fun to swing around in a harness, and to consensually smack someone in the face with.

I wanted to love Leo more though. This is, by far, the most awesome cock I have- there are bats inside it. Occasionally, I just stare at Leo sitting on my shelf and think about how awesome it is. This is slightly unfortunate, as I think I enjoy Leo more conceptually, than as something in my vagina.

Now don't get me wrong- I do like Leo inserted... I'm just not in love with it. So, I will start off and because of the slightly larger head, that's all my nerves focus on for a while. At this point, thrusting doesn't do too much for me, and is a shade painful if I try too hard. Once I work into Leo, say twenty minutes or so later, everything's just dandy. For me, Leo's shape simply isn't ideal. If either the head was less pronounced, or if the shaft was thicker, I would be better off and without an only mildly pleasurable warm-up.

For people who enjoy realistic dildos, and who like more emphasis on the head of the dildo than the shaft- Leo will be just lovely.

Grade Breakdown: 87

Value: 4/5
On sale at Edenfantasys for just over $50
Would I buy this toy for $50? For the bat version: YES. Otherwise: no.

Aesthetics: 19/20
Can attract lint, but not as much as some other silicone products.
{Hint: place it in Saran wrap after cleaning, or in the tube it comes in}

Pleasure: 64/75
Intended Functionality: 4/5
For me the shape was a little off.
Reusability: 20/20
Can be used alone or with a partner, and is easily cleaned.
Best Functionality: 40/50
I found Leo far better for vaginal insertion, though if I had a prostate, I may have had more difficulty deciding. Great g-spot stimulation, a little stiff for hard thrusting.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Siberian Midnights Ring Cami Set

For today's review, I'll be looking at Siberian Midnights Ring Cami Set by Escante. There will be some images in this review as it is lingerie, click the pictures for their full size.



Four Views:

Glossy [flash]:
Matte [no flash]:

Arched Back:

Best View:

I really wanted to adore this set. I love the dark purple with black, with its edgy sexiness. On top of that I love adorable cami-and-thong sets; I like items that are versatile, and can be worn outside of the bedroom. Even better is when a partner begins to associate such an outfit with sexy times, and then you happen to wear the top paired with jeans. So fantastic. 

So I had high hopes for this lil' outfit. Unfortunately, for me, it did not meet them. If you're in between sizes, like I was, definitely go a size up. I'm wearing the medium here, and I should have gone with the large. I also found the top to be a little too short to be worn just as a top. Since the top was a little small on me, it was rather unflattering around my belly. I would have expected the slightly constricting material to be a little more flattering, but it wasn't. The thong on the other hand, was rather comfortable and didn't noticeably press into me. It didn't photograph too well here, but the thong is black with a dark purple crotch area, and it has a black pantyliner. It's pretty cute.

This outfit is made out of polyester, nylon, and elastic. It should be hand washed cold, and line dried. The eden fantasys page states there is silk in this outfit, and that is false.

I would definitely recommend this set to people who are both comfortable in their own body, and are willing to go up a size.

Grade Breakdown: 61
Value: 2/5
Edenfantasys for $29
If this was in the $15 or less price-range, I would buy it as a sexy-around-the-house get-up.

  Wear-ability: 10/20
The outside part of the outfit felt nicer than the inside.
A little tight, top not comfortable.

Aesthetics: 49/75
Intended Look: 4/5
Similar to product image, however the front section curves down.
Reusability: 15/20
Hand-washable. Doesn't seem like it will rip soon.
Can be squished into a tiny ball for travel.
Best Look: 30/50
Perhaps if I had a size up I would have felt more comfortable and sexy in this outfit.

Thanks Eden Fantasys!

FTC: Eden Fantasys provided Sex Toy Review Land with Siberian Midnights Ring Cami Set free of charge for an honest review. Though links have been used, this has not altered any of my opinions stated within the review, and does comply with the FTC.