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Feel free to email me,, if you’d like to send me a copy of your product to review. I generally post all reviews within fifty business days of me receiving the product, let me know if a shorter time line is required. I reserve the right to reject a product if it is racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. or if it is an unsafe product. I do not review toys that are solely intended for cock-owners. All reviews will be my honest opinion regardless of if I pay for the toy or am given it. For further details on how I would review your product[s], email me.

If you want to contact me for advice regarding toys, lube, etc., you're also welcome to email or, if you wish to be anonymous, use my tumblr ask box.



  1. Would be interested in seeing a review of this product, as I'm interested in buying it.


    1. Hey Mary! I only review safe products. As jelly dildos are porous and cannot be completely sanitized via boiling, they are not inherently safe. Though jelly dildos can be used with a condom for safety, I'm personally not comfortable using one. Thank you for requesting though!