Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sliquid Rejuvenation

For today's review, I'll be looking at Rejuvenation by Sliquid. Click either image to see an enlarged version!

Close up:

This is one of Sliquid's sensual massage oils- it also comes in french vanilla, coconut lime verbena, and unscented. Rejuvenation has a mandarin basil scent, which is fantastic and sweet, yet not over powering. The oil is rather thin, and has a nice glide when massaging. It wasn't sticky, and left skin feeling soft. I find it particularly fantastic for external genital massage. You don't want to use it vaginally as oils can mess with one's pH balance and lead to bacteria growth, nor do you want to use it anally as the oil would cling onto bacteria that's intended to leave the body.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Mango & Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Certified Organics Extracts of Flax, Green Tea, Hibiscus & Aloe Barbadensis, Natural Essence of Mandarin, and Natural Essence of Basil

So anyone with nut allergies will unfortunately need to get another massage oil. As you can see though, there are no parabens or glycerin in this product; it's also vegan. My favorite use for this oil was as aftercare to a scene, especially one with wax play. It's also fun to use in the shower as it won't come off unless scrubbed with soap. Though it does leave a lingering scent, it's not that strong and would not work so make you smell like the oil for an extended period of time. It is lovely for a relaxing massage though, or as a bit of foreplay exploration. This product may stain fabrics though, as it's an oil. It's also inadvisable to use with any latex products you want to keep, as the latex will be destroyed.

Once again, Sliquid's flip-top is the worst thing about their product. At least with Sliquid lubes they're thicker and tend not to spill down the sides- not so with their massage oil. The outside of the container became slick rather quickly, and it's well worth transferring the oil to a pump bottle.

Grade Breakdown: 86

Value: 4/5
If I didn't own this, I would have bought it for $14.

Aesthetics: 17/20
Eh, I like Sliquid's blue bottle better.

Pleasure: 65/75
Intended Functionality: 5/5
Lovely for erotic or nonsexual massage.
Reusability: 10/20
The flip top is really awful.
Best Functionality: 50/50
As aftercare after genital wax play.

Thank you Sliquid!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pitcher Candle

For today's review I'll be looking at Agreeable Agony's Pitcher Candle. Click any image to see the full version!
Size Comparison:

This adorable candle is simply fantastic. If I wasn't into wax play before, I would be after playing with this candle! For use, the longer you leave the candle lit the more wax it melts, though at a slowing rate. This wait time builds anticipation nicely, and given how cute these candles are, you could get a pair for a candle lit dinner and show. I found an hour wait time optimal for amount of wax produced and testing patience. Though you can leave the candle burning when pouring the wax, I would recommend blowing it out so you don't burn the glass pitcher. For lighting, I found matches easier than a typical lighter, especially as more wax was used.

The wax itself holds its color well, and is rather soft and flexible. Other colors currently offered are black, blue, red, dark red, and purple. Though it will pull at any hair it dries on, it will not tug especially hard nor will it remove hair. The wax burns at a lower temperature than most candles (124F), so the wax feels pleasantly warm going on rather than super hot. Naturally, the more sensitive the area the wax is dripped, the hotter it feels. (If you're interested in a hotter candle, this one burns at 130F.) The pitcher makes for easy pouring, and tends to pour thin strands of wax; it can also be held at a lesser angle to produce drips. Even when using on genitals or nipples though, there is no burning- just heat. Wax can be peeled off easily, and on me occasionally leaves red spots- which go away rather quickly. 

This is an especially sexy toy, that's a blast to use alone or on another person. As an added bonus, once you finish off the candle, you have an adorable mini pitcher. As this candle doesn't burn at a high temperature and is nonthreatening, it's the perfect candle for those new to wax play. I would advise getting at least two in different colors if you're into the aesthetics of wax drippings. 

Grade Breakdown: 100! 

Value: 5/5   
If you're even slightly interested, and able to, you should buy this.

 Aesthetics: 20/20 
Makes super gorgeous wax pictures on skin. 

Pleasure: 75/75 
Intended Functionality: 5/5 
Fabulous for wax play.
Reusability: 20/20 
Even though it's finite, the candle lasts quite a while, 
and can be reused until all the wax is gone.
Best Functionality: 50/50 
I find it especially awesome for nipple play. 

Thank you Agreeable Agony!

 FTC: Agreeable Agony provided Sex Toy Review Land with a Pitcher Candle free of charge for an honest review. Though links have been used,  this has not altered any of my opinions stated within the review, and does comply with the FTC.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kinky HP School Kits: Ravenclaw

For today's review I'll be looking at Agreeable Agony's Kinky HP School Kit in Ravenclaw. Click any image to see the full version!

 Close up:
 Front Harness:
 Front Weave:

As you can see, this rope is super gorgeous. I opted for the Ravenclaw coloring, as I would have been placed there (though I like to think I would have hung out with the Slytherins). However the other color combinations also look to be aesthetically pleasing, especially Slytherin. This set comes in a convenient and cute Ziploc bag for easy storage and transportation. The rope lengths included are: one 50', one 25', and two 15'. These ordinarily come in a 1/4'' solid braid, but can be done slightly thicker (3/8'') on request. If 95 feet of rope just doesn't sound like enough for your magical fantasies, or if you want a strand of rope from each house, their rope can also be purchased by the foot in Harry Potter colors.

The 1/4'' MFP rope is rather light, smooth, a bit slick, and soft. The colors are vivid and gorgeous. They also offer rope in 1/8'' or 5/16'', depending on if you like your rope lighter and thinner or heavier, thicker, and able to carry more weight. There are quite a few options for other colors, should the house colors not strike your fancy. You can also mix two or three colors together for a fun custom coloring. This rope is machine washable for easy cleaning, and resistant to most lubricants and oils. You can find the rope's weight limits here

Some lovely things that I was able to make with this rope set (you'd probably able to do these with the amounts in this set, but if you like to use lots of looping or are on the larger side you may need more rope):
                      -simple top harness
                      -waist cincher
                      -wrist and ankle cuffs
                      -4 poster bed restraints
                      -leg warmers
                      -collar and leash
                      -bulky boxing wraps
                      -pretty rope imprints

All in all this is a lovely and playful set of rope. Also, due to the Harry Potter factor, the rope isn't very threatening and may be easier to bring up with a partner new to rope play. This is definitely a must-have for any kinky Harry Potter fan. 

Grade Breakdown: 99 

Value: 5/5 
At Agreeable Agony for $30 
Worth it.  

Aesthetics: 20/20

Pleasure: 74/75
Intended Functionality: 5/5
Knots well, restrains well
Reusability: 19/20
Machine washable, can catch on finger nails and loosen threads.
Best Functionality: 50/50
Makes a really gorgeous rope harness or waist cincher.

Thank you Agreeable Agony! 

FTC: Agreeable Agony provided Sex Toy Review Land with a Kinky HP School Kit free of charge for an honest review. Though affiliate links have been used,  this has not altered any of my opinions stated within the review, and does comply with the FTC.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Designer Paddle

For today's review I'll be looking at the Designer Paddle by Fetish Fantasy. Click any image to see the full version.

Size Comparison:

The Designer Paddle is a fairly simple leather-look black paddle with four studs on each side. The synthetic material is rather smooth and stiff. This paddle stings much more than its flimsy appearance would lead you to believe. When fully landing, there's also a teensy bit of thud. This is a nice warm up paddle if you want to save your hand for later. Or one can use this paddle for an entire session and cause some pretty bruises. Personally, I would rather switch to another implement, such as a flogger that is more thud-based rather than sting. Besides the butt, this paddle was particularly effective for thighs and light paddling on the bottom of breasts. Given the paddle's size, it works better with large fleshy areas. Uberkinky also carries differently shaped paddles, if a curved paddle doesn't appeal to you.

Unfortunately given the flimsiness of this paddle's handle (which is even reinforced), I doubt it will last very long if used often. It does come on a loop, which is convenient for hanging on walls or belts. The handle fits my hand particularly well (about a ruler's width), and I can easily flip it over one-handed. This is lovely as a timing mechanism, so I can spank, flip, spank, flip, and for light warm up hits, this ends up being a little under a spank per second. This is a really lightweight paddle, and that in combination with the flimsiness of the handle gives this paddle a swishy factor. It also has a lovely smack sound. Given the short handle, it's easy to control the force and aim behind a hit. As the synthetic material is rather stiff, this toy may be a little too painful for people new to impact play.

For cleaning, the paddle section can be wiped down with warm water mixed with soap or a general toy cleaner. I would be careful to avoid getting water on the studs, as they may rust. This paddle ships in a discreet box, and the paddle itself comes in a simple clear plastic bag. I would expect this toy to be best for people who are not new to impact play, but haven't used a paddle before. This would be a relatively cheap investment to find out if you're interested in getting a more durable paddle, or if you should try a different impact toy. 

Grade Breakdown: 79 

Value: 3/5
At Uberkinky for just under £17
Not durable.

Aesthetics: 15/20
Simple non-flashy, not especially threatening looking.
Pleasure: 61/75
Intended Functionality: 5/5  
Creates sharp, loud spanks.
Reusability: 10/20
Not durable.
Best Functionality: 46/50
To gauge interest in curved paddles. 

Thank you Uberkinky!

FTC: Uberkinky provided Sex Toy Review Land with the Designer Paddle free of charge for an honest review. Though links have been used,  this has not altered any of my opinions stated within the review, and does comply with the FTC.