Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sliquid Rejuvenation

For today's review, I'll be looking at Rejuvenation by Sliquid. Click either image to see an enlarged version!

Close up:

This is one of Sliquid's sensual massage oils- it also comes in french vanilla, coconut lime verbena, and unscented. Rejuvenation has a mandarin basil scent, which is fantastic and sweet, yet not over powering. The oil is rather thin, and has a nice glide when massaging. It wasn't sticky, and left skin feeling soft. I find it particularly fantastic for external genital massage. You don't want to use it vaginally as oils can mess with one's pH balance and lead to bacteria growth, nor do you want to use it anally as the oil would cling onto bacteria that's intended to leave the body.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Mango & Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Certified Organics Extracts of Flax, Green Tea, Hibiscus & Aloe Barbadensis, Natural Essence of Mandarin, and Natural Essence of Basil

So anyone with nut allergies will unfortunately need to get another massage oil. As you can see though, there are no parabens or glycerin in this product; it's also vegan. My favorite use for this oil was as aftercare to a scene, especially one with wax play. It's also fun to use in the shower as it won't come off unless scrubbed with soap. Though it does leave a lingering scent, it's not that strong and would not work so make you smell like the oil for an extended period of time. It is lovely for a relaxing massage though, or as a bit of foreplay exploration. This product may stain fabrics though, as it's an oil. It's also inadvisable to use with any latex products you want to keep, as the latex will be destroyed.

Once again, Sliquid's flip-top is the worst thing about their product. At least with Sliquid lubes they're thicker and tend not to spill down the sides- not so with their massage oil. The outside of the container became slick rather quickly, and it's well worth transferring the oil to a pump bottle.

Grade Breakdown: 86

Value: 4/5
If I didn't own this, I would have bought it for $14.

Aesthetics: 17/20
Eh, I like Sliquid's blue bottle better.

Pleasure: 65/75
Intended Functionality: 5/5
Lovely for erotic or nonsexual massage.
Reusability: 10/20
The flip top is really awful.
Best Functionality: 50/50
As aftercare after genital wax play.

Thank you Sliquid!

FTC: Sliquid provided Sex Toy Review Land with Rejuvenation free of charge for an honest review. Though links have been used, this has not altered any of the opinions stated within the review, and does comply with the FTC.

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