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MRS1 and MR2

For today's review I'll be looking at the MRS1 and MR2, two rabbit vibrators, by Maia. As this is an especially image-heavy post, the review will be beyond the break. Click any picture to see the larger version!

Color Options:
Miniature Rabbit vs. Hummingbird:
Battery Case:
Control Box:
After Passing Flame Test:

As I've mentioned in a past review, finding a silicone rabbit can be difficult, even more-so if you're looking for a traditional rabbit that rotates. Both the MRS1 (rabbit) and MR2 (hummingbird) are silicone rabbits with ABS plastic bases. These rabbits are made of medical grade silicone, and the tip of the MRS1 passed a flame test proving it to be pure silicone.1 There are a few minor differences between the MRS1 and the MR2, since these are rather minor though and their grades are the same, they are being reviewed together. 

The buttons to turn the rabbits on/off, and change their speed are all on the plastic base. The three AAA batteries required to run this rabbit, not included, are placed inside the base. There is a screw top to get to the battery compartment, and thus this toy is not water-proof. As you can see in the close up picture of the lid, it can bend the plastic, and make small nicks, but this shouldn't effect use.

One difference between the two rabbits is that one has a miniature rabbit and the other has a miniature humming bird. Now since the humming bird is blue and has two wings up, it looks way more like a dolphin. I prefer the hummingbird over the rabbit, the nose is slightly thicker than a rabbit ear, and the wings vibrated against my labia. For the shafts, they both rotate though the humming bird has more of a g-spotter shaft and thus I found to be more intense. And finally, for colors the humming bird only comes in blue whereas the rabbit comes in pink and purple. Overall, I favor the humming bird.

I really wish this was a rechargeable toy, as this thing eats batteries. On the bright side, this does mean that it's a strong rabbit and worth the extra trip to the convenience store. As strong as it is though, this rabbit can still be stopped with a kegel. This is rather amusing- to have your vag stop a rabbit- I wouldn't recommend doing this often, as it will likely break the rabbit. The shaft has three major rotational modes, and the clit stimulator has three speeds and four vibration modes. As you increase either level, more of the controls light up in red or blue light. Though this is kind of cool, I didn't find it especially helpful for anything, as the buttons are still difficult to read in the dark with this light. I would not recommend using this toy anally as it can not be submerged in water to be boiled clean between uses. If you use two external condoms, or perhaps one large internal condom, to cover the toy then anal use can be done safely, assuming the mini rabbit stays outside of the body. Using condoms to cover the toy may also be a good idea if using with any partner you aren't fluid bonded with.

The battery case is unfortunately a cheap design, and I wonder about bacteria residing in the seam between plastic and silicone. If when orgasming you tend to squeeze your vaginal muscles, after a while the toy will get louder and eventually will probably break. All in all, I think this is a fantastic toy for someone who wants a safe silicone traditional rabbit, and is okay with a shorter longevity.

Grade Breakdown: 85

Value: 4/5
On Amazon:
With shipping these end up all being just below $50.
This is a very reasonable price- assuming you don't break your rabbit early on.

Aesthetics: 17/20
I love Maia's super bright colors,
their cheap looking control box, not so much.

Pleasure: 64/75
Intended Functionality: 5/5
Either of these rabbits do well for g-zone stimulation,
and the rotating steel balls are awesome.
Reusability: 11/20
If you ever clench your vagina while using toys,
you will eventually break this one.
Best Functionality: 48/50
As a traditional rotating rabbit vibe.

1 I did not do a flame test near the main shaft of the toy due to the machinery within, nor near the base as that is plastic. If anyone knows if flame tests can be done on the rotational area please comment below!

Thank you Maia!

 FTC: Maia provided Sex Toy Review Land with the MRS1 and MR2 free of charge. Though links have been used, this has not altered any of the opinions stated within the review, and does comply with the FTC.

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