Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Rabbit Natural

For today's review I'll be looking at the Happy Rabbit Natural Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator by Lovehoney. Click any of the photos to see their full versions.



If you're looking for a traditional rabbit vibrator, you may notice that the market is flooded with porous toys. These require condoms when sharing, and cannot be completely disinfected or boiled. So off the bat, the Happy Rabbit Natural, made of nonporous silicone, has an advantage over those rabbit vibes. There are also two other versions of this toy, one with a lip for g-spot stimulation and another with a more realistic shape. The exclamation mark controls the vibration speeds and turns the toy on and off. The long part of the exclamation mark cycles through the shaft's three different speeds and two vibration patterns. The exclamation point controls the rabbit, which has three different vibration speeds. You can have just the ears vibrating, or the shaft, or various combinations of the two. The shaft is on the smaller side, at a bit over five inches.

I preferred the second vibration pattern, which alternates using the motor at the base of the vibrator with the one on the tip for two short bursts, and a slightly longer burst. All together there are three motors in this vibe, with the third in the rabbit, making this a powerful rechargeable vibrator. For it's power, it's also rather quiet. For some this may be the perfect rabbit vibe: powerful, quiet, and rechargeable.

Personally, the Happy Rabbit Natural just missed the spot. I find this toy a ton of fun if I've already warmed up, or if I've covered the toy's shaft with Sliquid's Stimulating O Gel. It doesn't work well as a start up toy for myself as once I have the shaft where I want it, the ears end up at the root of my clit rather than on it, and the nose doesn't quite hit my clit either. If I'm already aroused though, the ears' indirect stimulation is nice though my focus is largely on the shaft. I would actually prefer this vibrator just without the rabbit, as the shaft is super awesome. The gentle curve makes g-spot stimulation possible, and when aroused it vibrated against my g-spot nicely. The base is rather awkward to hold, and it does need to be held. There is also a seam that runs down the middle of this toy, I couldn't feel it but especially sensitive users may be able to.

This toy can be cleaned with hot water and soap or a toy cleaner. As this vibrator is made of silicone, it cannot be used with silicone lubes as the silicone will eat itself. This is a nonporous toy, and doesn't have any odor. All in all, I would recommend this to people who want a body safe traditional rabbit vibe, who have shorter vaginal canals, or who are new to toys.  
Grade Breakdown: 86

Value: 4/5

Powerful, rechargeable, and quiet: if it fits, it's worth it.

Aesthetics: 18/20

Super bright pink.


Pleasure: 64/75

Intended Functionality: 3/5

For me, the rabbit didn't work.

Reusability: 17/20

I wouldn't boil this toy due to the base, but it can be cleaned by hand.

Best Functionality: 44/50

As a powerful internal vibrator.

Thank you Lovehoney!

FTC: Lovehoney provided Sex Toy Review Land with the Happy Rabbit Natural free of charge for an honest review. Though links have been used,  this has not altered any of my opinions stated within the review, and does comply with the FTC.

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