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For today's review, I'll be looking at the Gryphon by Bad Dragon. Bad Dragon creates fantastic toys for furverts and/or people who want unique toy shapes. As always click any image to see a larger version!

 Suction cup:

 Compared to Medium Bruiser:

The Gryphon is my second Bad Dragon dildo, and it's a rather lovely toy. As with all Bad Dragon dildos, you get to pick out the size, firmness, color, and if you want a cum tube and/or suction cup. This Gryphon is a medium, and the dimensions are below along with other size choices. Generally speaking, the smalls are closer to average, mediums are slightly larger than average, and beyond that is for the daring.

Dimensions (inches)SmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Diameter of Head0.751.001.221.50
Circumference of Head2.303.003.604.75
Diameter of Shaft1.101.351.702.25
Circumference of Shaft3.504.505.257.15
Diameter of Knot1.552.002.453.55
Circumference of Knot5.256.758.0012.50
Usable Length6.007.509.2512.50
Total Length7.108.6010.5014.00
For this Gryphon I went with firm, which still has some flexibility and squish. The firm made it so I could feel each of the Gryphon's ridges and bumps, where the medium probably would not have felt as well defined. For myself this was a more narrow dildo, so I didn't need the extra squish a medium or soft would have had for comfort. There are also sample discs if you can't decide which firmness to go with.

Any size other than a small can get a cum tube for simulating ejaculation and/or re-applying lube. Toys with a cum tube also come with their Cumlube and a syringe. If you plan on using the Gryphon anally or often need more lube, I would highly recommend getting a cum tube. Another optional addition is a suction cup. As the Gryphon's base isn't clunky or heavy, I don't find it necessary, but it is a fun addition. The suction cup is simply concave, so it doesn't alter the Gryphon's appearance.

And finally, there's the color selection. Gryphon has a few colors specifically for them, standard colors, and custom. Custom colors are pretty much whatever you can imagine- fades, marbled, highlights, metallic, and glow in the dark. My Gryphon is a lovely custom marble with green and silver. This thread has tons of custom color designs and examples if you need some inspiration. For people who like surprises or can't choose a color, there's a surprise me color option.

The Gryphon is an interestingly shaped toy. It starts off rather small, and gets progressively larger. If you're looking for a popping sensation to go with knotting, this isn't the toy for you. Though the Gryphon has an impressive knot, size-wise there's not enough difference between the knot and shaft for that particular sensation. It is relatively easy to knot this toy with some lube, and to thrust with it. Remember to use a water-based lube, as a silicone-based one will cause the toy to deteriorate. The tip is slightly pointy, but once it's lubed up it's not unpleasant. If you're nonetheless worried about a pointy tip, be sure to get a soft or medium level of firmness.

For cleaning, a 10% bleach solution, boiling, or hand washing will all work. Be sure to clean your Gryphon before and after use, as the silicone tends to attract lint. All in all, this is a lovely dildo. If you're new to unique shapes, this may be a good place to start as it increases gradually.

Grade Breakdown: 91

Value: 4/5

Aesthetics: 20/20
Super gorgeous.

Pleasure: 67/75
Intended Functionality: 5/5
Reusability: 17/20
Either needs to be cleaned often or kept in saran wrap.
Best Functionality: 45/50

Thank you Bad Dragon!

FTC: Bad Dragon provided Sex Toy Review Land with the Gryphon free of charge for an honest review. Though links have been used, this has not altered any of my opinions stated within the review, and does comply with the FTC.

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  1. The colour scheme really makes me think this is some sort of moss-covered relic you have unearthed.