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Tie & Tease Bundle

For today's review I'll be looking at the Tie & Tease Bundle by Bondage Boutique. Click any of the pictures to see a larger version, or click the names to be taken to the individual product pages. This post is rather image heavy, so click through the break to see the whole post!

Ball Gag:

Blindfold (Faux Fur):

Feather Tickler:

Flogger (Suede):

Shibari Rope:

Spanking Paddle (Leather):

Wrist Cuffs (Neoprene):

All together I would say this is a lovely beginner's bondage set. The standouts for me were the paddle and flogger.

The leather ball gag has a breathable ball gag on a strip of leather that attaches to two metal rings, and these each attached to a strip of leather with a secure buckle. This is a rather fun ball gag, and looks a little like a bit for anyone interested in pony play. The buckle was solid, and I had no slippage issues. Unfortunately, I found the leather strip the ball gag was set on cut into and pinched my lips.

This soft blindfold did its job and had two elastic strips that secured it well. This is the item I anticipate using the least over time, as I like being able to open my eyes while they're blindfolded.

The feather tickler is a rather cute purple and white addition to this set. It's rather fun to use to start warming up a partner, or for dusting red hand prints. When I first took the ticker out of the bag it molted a bit, but since then during light play has not. (If you whack it around, it will molt further.)

This suede flogger is small and nonthreatening- if I was introducing flogging play to a new partner, this would be a great flogger to do that with. It has a light sting and no thud feelings. This flogger can be used for tickling, or light flogging. Since it isn't that painful, I find it particularly lovely for inner thighs and genitals. I've had a little bit of the suede shed when smacking as hard as it can, but generally the flogger has held up to use well.

The 10 meters of Shibari rope is rather soft and strong. I would like another 10 meters to do more complex designs, but for what it is, it's lovely. I haven't had any rope burn issues with it.

The leather spanking paddle is my favorite item in this bundle. It's a sturdy paddle, with studs on the handle that make for an easier grip. In terms of potential pain, it's certainly stronger than the flogger, and creates sharp stinging spanks. The paddle is long enough to hit four inches of each cheek if swung exactly. Due to the paddle's length, it is also easy to use for self-spanking sessions.

The wrist cuffs are lightly lined, and I found them rather comfortable. They have snaps so they can be connected to each other or a spreader bar. They are easily applied and removed with strong velcro, and they withstood pressure well.

This set also comes with two loyalty Bondage Boutique stamps, which if you collect ten or fifteen, you will respectively receive, one or two spankers for free.

All in all I would say this set is great for someone who wants to explore BDSM and/or kink, or if you're really interested in a few of the pricier items. To buy all of these individually from Lovehoney would cost almost $112, whereas the bundle is currently just under $65. 

Grade Breakdown: 84

I would want the flogger, paddle, cuffs, and rope- these are cheaper to get them all in the bundle, and then get a free tickler, blindfold, and ball gag.

Aesthetics: 17/20
All of the pieces were aesthetically pleasing,
except for the blindfold.

Pleasure: 62/75
Intended Functionality: 4/5
Mostly lovely.
Reusability: 15/20 
Can be used alone or with a partner.
However a few items in this set aren't easily cleaned.
Best Functionality: 43/50
Most of these items functioned fine.
The main exception is the ball gag, as it shouldn't cut into one's lips. 

Thank you Lovehoney!
FTC: Lovehoney provided Sex Toy Review Land with the Tie & Tease Bundle free of charge for an honest review. Though links have been used,  this has not altered any of my opinions stated within the review, and does comply with the FTC.

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