Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lucky Me Lucky You

For today's review, I'll be looking at Lucky Me, Lucky You. As always, click any image to see a larger version!

 Size comparison:

This flavored and scented towelette is a one-time use product designed to improve oral sex. For ingredients, there are no parabens or glycerin, though if any irritation occurs one should stop using it. The towelette is around hand size for myself, so application is easy. The slight dampness makes it so one can glide the towelette over a body.

The flavor I tested out is Succulent Strawberry, and currently other flavors are being created. I found the scent rather sweet, and a tiny bit cloying. After wiping the towelette on any patch of skin, it takes on the strawberry scent for a little over an hour. The flavor's taste unfortunately didn't apply as well as the scent. It was only noticeable after being applied recently, and wasn't a strong taste. If you wanted to use this product to make someone's genitals taste like strawberries, it simply won't do.1 If you want to make genitals smell like strawberries though, it will succeed at that. This also holds for other bodily areas, though the taste comes through a little more, it still isn't that strong.

Ingredients: Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Stevia Rebaudiana Extract, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Flavor 

This product doesn't interfere with condom use, dental dams, or gloves. It's worth remembering that it does not prevent STI transmission. All in all, this product may improve your oral sex life if you would be more comfortable if your or your partner(s) genitals smelled different. However, if you want semen or vaginal fluids to taste slightly sweeter, this product won't help.

1 A better choice for taste would be any of Sliquid's Swirl line, I especially like the Green Apple and Pink Lemonade.

Grade Breakdown: 59

Value: 4/5
For a one-use, this is fairly priced.

Aesthetics: 7/20
The packaging is simple,
and the white towelette isn't the prettiest.

Pleasure: 48/75
Intended Functionality: 2/5
Flavor wasn't strong enough.
Reusability: 10/20
It's a one-use product,
it's a shade versatile as it can be applied anywhere.
Best Functionality: 36/50
Being used for its lovely strawberry scent.

 FTC: Lucky Me Lucky You provided Sex Toy Review Land with LMLY towelettes free of charge for an honest review. Though links have been used, this has not altered any of the opinions stated within the review, and does comply with the FTC.

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  1. What a brilliant idea...I've never come across these before, but is definitely something I'd now consider getting.
    Would be interesting to know which other flavours are currently being offered!