Monday, December 24, 2012

Sqweel 2

For today's review I'll be looking at the Sqweel 2 by Lovehoney. Click any of the pictures to view the full versions.
Battery Compartment: 

The Sqweel 2 is certainly a unique toy, instead of using vibrations a set of ten little flexible silicone tongues rotate to provide stimulation. These create a repetitive flicking sensation, which I didn't find reminiscent of oral sex. There are three speeds, a forwards and backwards mode, and a back and forth mode. For vulva use, I found the highest speed best, the higher speed also enabled more pressure to be placed upon the Sqweel without it stopping. Personally, I preferred clockwise rotations such that it rotates down my vulva. The slowest speed, the first setting, I found lovely for a ticklish sensation anywhere on the body. It's especially fun to move the Sqweel in the direction that it's rotating. For me there was a little too much lag between the back and forth mode to get anything out of it.

For clitoral use, I found it best to place a water-based lube (I went with Sliquid Sea this time, though I've decided I like Satin better) directly on my skin so the Sqweel would pick up lube while rotating. The Sqweel is a little clunky to hold, and I had problems with keeping the Sqweel at the perfect distance from my clit so it wouldn't slow down when becoming aroused and wanting to press it down. This toy can also be used as a safe way of exploring oral-anal sensations. The motor to run this toy is rather loud, and can be heard through closed doors.

This toy can be used with an insertable toy, I tried with the Cush. I found that I couldn't thrust effectively while using the Sqweel on my clit, and even without thrusting, I kept running into Cush. You can use a still or thrusting anal toy while using Sqweel without problems; I went with the trusty Pure Wand. 

The Sqweel 2 runs off of three AAA batteries, purchased separately. For cleaning, the toy can be taken apart, cleaned with hot water and soap or toy cleaner, dried and reassembled. All in all, I found it more fun to run this toy along my body, especially over my nipples, than use as an "oral sex stimulator". It's certainly a fun foreplay toy, and unique in sensation.

Grade Breakdown: 81

Value: 3/5
 A bit pricey for a foreplay toy, even if unique.
I would certainly pick one up if it was on sale.

Aesthetics: 18/20
The white/pink sqweels are especially cute.
Pleasure: 60/75
Intended Functionality: 0/5
For me, it didn't feel like oral sex.
Reusability: 15/20
It's a bit annoying to clean as it has to be disassembled.
Best Functionality: 45/50
As an automatically rotating tickler.

Thank you Lovehoney!
FTC: Lovehoney provided Sex Toy Review Land with Sqweel 2 free of charge for an honest review. Though links have been used,  this has not altered any of my opinions stated within the review, and does comply with the FTC.


  1. This thing is a piece of junk. Do not waste your time or money with it. Ours ran for about 5 min. before the plastic gears stripped out and would no longer rotate. As with all sex toys, no refund, too bad. Good idea but poor construction.

    1. Hey Anon! Hmmm, a quick google suggests that this is a relatively rare problem- have you tried emailing Lovehoney to see if they would replace it with a working Sqweel 2? I've had mine for over half a year now, and it's yet to break.