Saturday, August 18, 2012

Big Boss

For the site’s first review, I’ll be looking at Fun Factory's Big Boss!

Off the bat, I want to acknowledge that this is a huge vibrator. My inner size queen got super excited when I got this toy. It’s a whopping 9 inches long {7″ insertable}, and its diameter gets to 1.73 inches at widest. Big Boss is fairly intimidating looks-wise, but you can start off lightly while using it as an external vibrator. The thickness and size make for an amazing clitoral vibrator. It’s really fun to use anywhere as tingles tend to linger due to the super strong vibrations. Big Boss is made of medical grade silicone and is fairly bendable, which makes it fabulous at curving around to vibrate the entire vulva. The silicone is very soft, and also has a bit of a drag without lubrication.

Onto insertion! As this is a silicone toy, you’re going to want to use a water-based lube [a silicone lube will ruin the toy], and probably a ton of it. Sliquid has some tasty options, and Pink has a water-based lube. The loop at the end of the toy aids in smooth insertion and removal. Given how bendy the Big Boss is, if you squeeze your Kegel muscles while using it, the toy will curve with your muscles which is awesome. As the Big Boss does not have a flange, I would not recommend it for anal penetration. The Big Boss is also waterproof.

The vibrator controls are located on a loop at the end of the toy, with three different vibrating patterns. Most of these are lovely, though one particular pattern fails to deliver. This pattern starts off slow and amps up the vibration speed at intervals for a little under twenty seconds, and then starts over. I really wanted to like this mode, as in theory it was really awesome and the first time I tried it. However, my issue was the pattern just wasn’t long enough, a minute or so long pattern would have been more satisfying. I would be getting closer to orgasm, and then I’d get distracted by the sudden loss of speed. The loop itself lights up whenever you touch it, which is pure awesomeness- especially when playing in the dark.

Big Boss is the first vibrator I’ve used vaginally until orgasm- and even better, I didn’t need to touch my clitoris as the heavy vibrations already had them tingling. Also because of the awesome size, Big Boss also felt like I had a vibrating anal toy in. The Big Boss isn’t the best for thrusting, because of the drag-yness of the silicone and just how well it fills you up.

The Big Boss is in Fun Factory’s Click’n'Charge set, meaning the charger magnetizes to the Fun Factory logo to charge. I found the charger a shade on the finicky side, but it does light up when it’s charging properly which is nice. The first time you charge the Big Boss it can take up to twelve hours, mine took six. After that though, mine took around an hour to charge for a half-hour or so of constant play.

This toy can be simply cleaned with soap and warm water, or toy cleaner.

Grade Breakdown: 88

Value: 5/5
Amazon for just under $70
{Would I buy this toy for $70? Yes.}

Aesthetics: 14/20
I found the Big Boss is an almost silent vibrator when it’s against nothing or fully enclosed. Once in a blue moon the handle makes a creaky sound.
The silicone it’s made of attracts tons of lint and seems near impossible to get to stay clean.
Big Boss comes in black and neon orange- the orange is awesome.

Pleasure: 69/75
Intended Functionality: 5/5
Internal Vibrator Status: Great!
Reusability: 14/20
Awesome as it is, I would use it to spice up my week, rather than for the whole week.
Easy to clean.
It saves charge for about a half hour of play, I wish it could last longer.
Best Functionality: 50/50
My favorite use of the Big Boss is using it vaginally with high vibrations that also stimulate my clitoris and butt.

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  1. Sounds like it would be a little large, so it's good to know it can work well as a clitoral vibe!