Saturday, August 18, 2012


For the site’s second review, I’ll be looking at the G-Brush by Duncan Charles Designs.

This is the toy that made me realize exactly where my g-spot is, and how I like it stimulated. To go over the basics first though, this is an insertable ceramic toy. It comes in red or black, I have the lovely red version. It’s a little over seven inches long, and an inch and a half wide. It also comes with a nice suede pouch for storing. The G-Brush is fantastic for texture-oriented people.

The G-Brush can be used anally or vaginally. Though this toy can be carefully used for anal penetration, I wouldn't advise it due to the lack of flared base. Since it’s made of smooth ceramic, you can use any lube, silicone or water-based, with it. The ceramic becomes rather slick with lube; but as long as you don't lube up the toy's handle, there shouldn't be any problems with keeping a grip on the toy. I found the ceramic smooth enough not to require lubrication, and when using lube it only needs a little. The toy is non-porous, though I would still use a condom with it for partner play just to be extra safe. This toy works well for temperature play, I found it to be slightly better at retaining cold temperatures than warm [though this could also be because it's summer and more dramatic, hah]. I found the toy best suited for vaginal penetration as the intense ridges brought me to orgasm very quickly, and tended to make squirting easier because of all the g-spot pressure.

Now, the G-Brush is a very texturally intense toy. The first time I used it, having never used a g-spot centric toy before, I actually found it uncomfortable and didn’t like it at all! I tried it again a few months later, after having played with more g-spot toys, namely Njoy’s Pure Wand, and found it amazing. The ceramic is extremely rigid, and will press firmly against any aroused g-spot. I found the Pure Wand to be better at just arousing the g-spot, whereas the G-Brush aroused a larger area with the g-spot. Because of this, I found the G-Brush easier for multiple orgasms, with pleasure not just pinpointed on the g-spot. To make the G-Brush’s texture super-duper intense, one can do kegels around the toy, putting even more pressure on one’s g-spot. This toy also has a little handle, depending on how much you insert. Once again, if you use this toy for anal play you want to be extra careful, as there’s no base. The handle makes this toy lots of fun with a friend!

From my experience with the toy, I’d only recommend it to people who are used to, and enjoy, having g-spot stimulation or inexperienced people who are ready to get to know their g-spot extremely well.

This toy can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water, or a toy cleaner.

Grade Breakdown: 80

Value: 5/5
Edenfantasys for just under $50
{Would I buy this toy for $50? Yes.}

Aesthetics: 10/20
I generally like the look of Duncan Charles Designs’ toys, but I didn’t find this one as appealing as some of the others.

Pleasure: 65/75
Intended Functionality: 5/5
G-spot Stimulation: Great!
Reusability: 10/20
I found it only did one thing excellently, so unless you always want g-spot stimulation, you might not be pulling this toy out every night.
Easy to clean.
Best Functionality: 50/50
My favorite use of the G-Brush is to cause intense squirting quickly.
It’s pretty awesome at this.


  1. I really like your break down of all the aspects! Thanks for the review. I may go take a look at this one.

    1. Thanks for reading! If you do get it, I'd love to read your review of it. :)