Friday, August 31, 2012

Lace Strappy Bra and G-String

For today's review, I'll be looking at the Lace Strappy Bra and G-String Set by Legs Avenue. As a head's up now, there will be images of me wearing said lingerie. So if nipples scare you, now would be a good time to exit. This is going to be an image heavy review- woo-hoo! {All images can be clicked for the full version, sorry about the low quality.}
Envelop lingerie was shipped in:
Front and Back of Packaging:
Plastic Bag Inside:
Lace G-String:
Lace Bra:
Center can be lengthened/shortened:
Tag on Bra {easy to cut off without ruining bra}:
Four Views {click to expand}:
Best View:
Close Up on Top:

Between these two pieces, I preferred the top. All in all I found this nylon set a shade too tight, and cut into my skin a little too deep for my liking. On the side view pictures, you can see how much it is cutting into my behind. So definitely not a set to wear for extended amounts of time! As a sexy little get-up to come off quickly though? It works excellently. The g-string gets in the way of any comfortable penetration, but is perfect to wear while being spanked! There isn't much material, yet it's rather flattering.

I wear a 36C bra, and found the top portion fit snugly. The size chart claims this set will fit: Bust 32-38, Waist 23-29, Hips 34-40, Dress Size 6-12, and Cup Size A-C. I think this would fit people almost any breast size, and a dress/skirt size twelve or under. Overall, I think this set would be flattering to most bodies who fit the size requirements.

This set is rather delicate and should be washed by hand. I liked the design of the g-string quite a bit, unfortunately it just bit into my butt too much!

Grade Breakdown: 76
Value: 2/5
Edenfantasys for $18
If this was in the $10 or less price-range, I would buy it as a fun foreplay outfit.

  Wear-ability: 8/20
Sunk into body a little too much.
Very uncomfortable after a half hour.

Aesthetics: 66/75
Intended Look: 5/5
Very similar to product image!
Reusability: 11/20
Hand-washable. Delicate, feels like may rip.
Can be squished into a tiny ball for travel.
Best Look: 50/50
This is a hot little number. Looks-wise, I have no complaints.
I found the dangly bands attached to the g-string rather coy.
It made me feel sexy.

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