Friday, August 17, 2012

Moving from Wordpress

So I didn't realize Wordpress doesn't allow for affiliate links and/or any advertising. So, I'll be moving all the content from there to here. Woo-hoo.

This blog will be, predictably, dedicated to reviewing sex toys. Naturally it does have limitations as I plan on being the only reviewer, and am a cisgendered female. I anticipate one toy review a week. The toys will be graded using the following rubric, and in each post their grade will be fully explained.

Toy Rubric: 100 possible points

5 points: value
20 points: aesthetic appeal {and noise factor for 10 of those points, if applicable}
75 points: pleasure
  • 5 points: intended functionality
  • 20 points: reusability utility {does it get old fast?}
  • 50 points: how was it for its best function?
Letter Grades: 100: A++, 99-97: A+, 96-93: A, 92-90: A-, 89-87: B+, 86-83: B, 82-80: B-, 79-77: C+, 76-73: C, 72-70: C-, 69-67: D+, 66-63: D, 62-60: D-, 59 and below: F


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